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Specialists, for over 40 years, in the design and manufacture of metering, dispensing and dosing equipment for 1 to 3 component materials, such as Epoxies, Polyurethanes, Polyesters, Vinylesters, Gelcoats, Silicones, MS polymers, EPI, MUF, UF, PVAc, Bonding paste, Putties and various hot melt products.

We supply quality equipment for:

Bonding & Sealing

Sandwich panels

Manual and Automatic systems


Composite moulding

Bespoke solutions


Liquid gaskets

Integration into the production line



Customized Solutions

+46 31 750 3000

Expertise in Manual and automatic dispensing systems for manufacturing of sandwich panels and for casting Deliver a complete range of machines for all types of applications in the GRP and thermoset industry Equipment for metering, mixing and dispensing multi component low to high viscous materials

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